Rolling In the Deep


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2010-11-30
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:53

Music Video


  • Yes!

    Much like her voice, Adele is such a strong woman, filled with beauty. Her voice makes me get goosebumps, and her impact on the world is very big. Keep on singing!❤️
  • Song enjoyment

    By Sorceress Mickey
    My 👵🏻 and I really like this song so much. Thank you for 🤔 of us.
  • Adele is awesome

    By KbCheetah
    This is a great video and Adele sings it great.
  • Marvelous!

    By Bethanie Peschken
    Everything about this video is amazing! Her lip synching in this video was even spot on! I love this video! This is by far one of her greatest master peices!
  • Rolling In The Deep

    By Georgene1947
    This girl really has it all! Not only a beautiful voice but she is beautiful as well! She's really talented and I don't think Taylor is liking that too much!
  • OMG!!!

    By Scott Cramer
    That was ASTOUNDING!!! Great job!!
  • Hey Adele

    By Aubrey Quinn
    Hey I think u are a great singer you are one of my favorite singers keep it up
  • why?!

    By ichigocatnya~
    she is a AMAZING singer, if i say so myself. But every single music video she's singing in a chair and plus they all look so dull and boring. and ADELE is not very good music video material just by sitting in a chair. not like she's bad or anything buy the music, NOT the video
  • Perfect

    By Kittyprincess17
    The rage of the throwing the rundown house it all works to show the tragedy of what has happened
  • Do this if you have a crush

    By Saturna24
    1:say your crushes name 10 times 2:put your hand over your heart 3:post this on 5 other videos 4:tomorrow he'll ether ask you out,or say I love you<3 adele your so good:)