Love Song

Sara Bareilles

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2007-06-19
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 4:27

Music Video


  • Love song

    By Colbie calliat
    I just love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • wierd

    By itsabitweird
    well the video is alittle wierd.
  • Very creative.

    By Antwon947
    First of all, the director made a really neat spin on the song. He really gave it a cool meaning. Second of all, it was creative. How the whole thing was filmed and colored was just so imaginative! It really is a neat music video, and it's a nice change from all the garbage out nowadays.
  • U Rock SARHA

    By 44mag1
    U rock
  • Pffffft, shorter than Justin Beiber? :D

    By Sackettknowsbest
    I don't care who you are, try to read the comment before mine and not grin. ;) The song's amazing. :D i bought it a few years back, and it's still my constant companion walking the dog, studying, walking past stupid exes... Yeah, just 'bout anywhere. :) get it! <3! it's worth it!
  • Love the music video!!!

    By Magster17
    Do you know what this means?! Justin bieber FINALLY has found someone shorter than him! :p
  • Great song, better video

    By Music418
    Who doesn't love Love Song, with its fun piano beat and sing-along lyrics? The video is absolutely wonderful. It shows how the owner of some shop makes money by having a miniature Sara sing love songs to people that pay to use a Love Song booth. Sara gets fed up with it and jams the machine with a quarter, and the next morning, the owner finds out that there really is a person (a little voice) singing for him. The concept of the video is what I think many people interpret the song as. However, as said so by Sara herself live in concert, the actual meaning is not about a dating relationship. It's about her relationship with her record company. When she was recording, she was asked to keep writing songs and see what would come out. However, most of the songs she wrote were hated by the record company. She felt awful about it and this song came out from her sadness and pain. She's not going to have the record company make her write love songs, even if they ask for it or they need one. She won't make them take control over her even if she's told that it's make or break in this. Sara says that this song is very special to her. It helped her get out of denial in herself and she always considered it a song that she will always love. Now, everyone loves it! That's just a little Love Song trivia for you...
  • Love Song by Sara Bareilles Review

    By Coach Gareth
    I love this music video! It's abstract, and really bring out the fantasy people imagine when others write music. I like the way that after the guy takes out the jammed quarter, the music is matched up and gets lively again. This is an enjoyable one, and I watch it over and over and over..
  • i absolutely love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By blahblah5
    I love this song and i think the music video is so creative!!!! I hope sara becaomes a big star!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Not so great

    By kobe824
    Amazing song I have been in love with it forever,it's just I think the music video is cheesy and it could be way better.

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