I Am... - Ayumi Hamasaki

I Am...

Ayumi Hamasaki

  • Genre: J-Pop
  • Release Date: 2002-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 16

  • ℗ 2002avex entertainment inc.


Title Artist Time
I Am... Ayumi Hamasaki 5:31 USD 1.29
Opening Run (Instrumental) Ayumi Hamasaki 0:57 USD 1.29
Connected Ayumi Hamasaki 3:19 USD 1.29
Unite! Ayumi Hamasaki 4:59 USD 1.29
Evolution Ayumi Hamasaki 4:40 USD 1.29
Naturally Ayumi Hamasaki 4:16 USD 1.29
Never Ever Ayumi Hamasaki 4:40 USD 1.29
Still Alone Ayumi Hamasaki 5:54 USD 1.29
Daybreak Ayumi Hamasaki 4:48 USD 1.29
Taskinlude (Instrumental) Ayumi Hamasaki 1:20 USD 1.29
M Ayumi Hamasaki 4:26 USD 1.29
A Song Is Born Ayumi Hamasaki 6:16 USD 1.29
Dearest Ayumi Hamasaki 5:32 USD 1.29
No More Words Ayumi Hamasaki 5:41 USD 1.29
Endless Sorrow (Gone With the Ayumi Hamasaki 5:12 USD 1.29
Flower Garden Ayumi Hamasaki 2:37 USD 1.29


  • A Career-Defining Album

    By planetpeach
    From it's opening bars, it was clear in 2002 that I am... was going to be something new. Where her previous original albums began with instrumental tracks, I am... opens Ayumi Hamasaki announcing her presence in a cappella: she was here, and she'd scream to make you understand it. Ayumi Hamasaki was unstoppable in the year leading up to I am…. Even while promoting her juggernaut compilation album A BEST, she continued to release new singles that sounded like nothing else on the radio. Those songs—everything from “evolution” to “M”—are collected here, along with other original compositions—a first for Ayu. If A BEST was proof of her success as a pop star, I am… was very much a declaration of her status as pop royalty. This was the work of a singer and songwriter coming into her own, crafting a unique sound and voice. While this album is mostly praised for its career-defining context, it also contains some of her greatest work. The aforementioned “evolution” and “M” remain two of the best songs she has written and recorded. Her industry clout also brought the best production to the table, with unique arrangements elevating album-exclusive tracks like “Daybreak” to greatness.
  • Amazing

    By JLntd
    The song "Connected" is a revelation!! Can u believe it's written in 2001? This girl is such a genius
  • ayuuuu

    By miusakamoto
    It's amazing to see how much she puts into her songs and especially her lyrics. They're something else. Lots of people could learn a thing or two from her lyrical style. Amazing
  • Such an elegant feel....

    By lv90047
    I constantly hear from people that this is Ayu's best album. But to be honest, I don't really share that adoration. I mean, don't get me wrong! I agree with them...to an certain extent. I mean, I feel as if Ayu has had better albums than this one. Albums like "Secret" "(Miss)Understood" "Duty" and "Rainbow" were excellent! We shouldn't shadow everything else because this one is her well-known album in the Western world. Ugh. I sound like I'm degrading this album! And I'm NOT trying to do that! I'm just trying to say she has other great albums in my opinion. I mean, I love this album just as much. Utter perfection from our goddess, Ayu. This was the first album that showed the evolution in Hamasaki's lyrics. She was slowly escaping from the themes of "loneliness & confusion" and moving to the concepts that focused on "faith and world peace". Quite an remarkable achievement if you asked me. I also noticed that this album had a more gentle tone within it. Almost as if Ayu were trying to bring the world together after the terrible events that happened (9/11) in the Western world. *Laughs* Now that I think about it, maybe that's the reason why people LOVE this albums so much. And if that's the case...then I guess it's alright. The songs were heartfelt and soothing. There wasn't a single track I disagreed with. But my absolute favorites are: "I am" "Evolution" "Connected" "UNITE!" "Naturally" "Dearest" "NEVER EVER" "Daybreak" "M" "Still Alone" and finally "No more words". Although I don't agree it's her best album, I do feel I understand why people love this album. I mean, I love it too. Come on, it's Ayu. Her music never disappoints me. I've been a fan of hers for quite some time. A good add for your AYU collection.
  • Ayu is amazing!!!!!

    By MJPowda
    There really is nothing more to say other than Ayu is absolutely amazing! I absolutely love her music!

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